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Everything to get you started,
in the fascinating world of, “Live Auctions”.

Don't worry about scratching your ear
at a Live Auction being a bid.

How to bid, act, dress, and what to do at,
a Live Auction.

By knowing what you are doing,
the price of this book will be saved
the first time you buy something.

In the first century, AD,
the Entire Roman Empire was Auctioned off.

George Washington was a avid Auction goer.

At one time or another,
Everything you can think has been sold at a Auction.

Everything you use or consume,
the price has been set by a Auction.

Auctions are Recession and Depression proof.
Their always have been Auctions, their always will be.

If you bought this book, because you are a, ‘seller’,
It is a worthwhile investment.
Learn what the potential buyer of your items knows.


1. Types of Auctions:
A. Live Roman:
B. Live Dutch:
C. Internet, ‘Dutch’ & Roman:
D. Oral & Electronic:
E. Personal Property:
F. Real Estate:
G. Auction ‘houses’:
H. On Site:
I. Internet:
J. Absolute:
K. Reserve:
L. Internet and Live:
M. Speciality:
N. Consignment:

2. Types of Auctioneers:
A. Good:
B. Bad:
C. Ugly:
D. Which is which:

3. Bidding:
A. Oral:
B. Internet:
C. Proxy:
D. Sniping:
E. Reserves:
F. Choice:
G. Other:

4. Payment:
A. Cash:
B. Check:
C. Credit Card:
D. Letter Of Credit:
E. Bank Transfer:
F. Escrow:

5. History of Auctions:

6. Let The Buyer Beware, (Caveat Emptor)

7. Know what you are doing:

8. Know the Law in the State the Auction is in:

9. Selling your items by Auction:

10. Glossary:

11. Antidotes: