When you need to go to the County, or Township, or City,
to do something, land related.
You may need someone to help you,
that knows the rules and regulations.

I have the experience, that a township
has told a home owner:
"That is not a public road you are on
and we have no requirement to grade, gravel, or remove snow"

I can provide you with the documentation to prove
they are wrong.

I have the experience, that a County,
has told someone, they must do X things,
they do them, then the County says:
"Oh you also have to do this"
Then when that is done, the County says:
"Oh you also have to do this"
That is called: "Moving the carrot"
Not allowed !!!!!!!!! I work for you !

I have the experience that for a CUP,
when a opposing force, goes door to door,
and spreads lies about what You want to do,
I work for, YOU, to explain the Truth.

I have the experience where the County employes,
have said:
"Oh you can only put one house on that land"
When in fact, the 'rules' say you can do more!

I have the experience where a Township says:
"You can't build on that land, because it has no public road"
I have found that the township, has moved the road,
away from the property lines.
That is NOT ALLOWED in Minnesota !

Many of these things, sound like a Attorney At law,
I am not a Attorney, and I don't charge like one.
But I DO, represent you.
And dealing with elected or appointed, or hired people,
in all situations, (except a court of law),
does NOT require a Attorney at law.

There may be a situation, which a Attorney is required,
I will notify you If that is required.

I also have worked with several Attorneys,
concerning, Zoning, CUP's, Platting, Sub Divisions,
Covenants, Home Owner agreements,
Title Opinions, Land Encroachments, and Boundary Disputes.