Buyers Representation

What is it?

When you want to buy a piece of real estate,
The owner of that land, 'lists' it with a Real Estate Agent.

That agent, is liable ONLY to the Seller or owner of that piece.


So as a buyer, when you ask the listing agent,
' How Old Is the Roof '
' Was there ever water in the basement '
' How old is the wiring'
' Where does the easement end for that road out front '
' Where exactly are the property lines '
etc. etc. etc.

Most likely the answer you will receive is:
"I Really Don't Know"

You need a Buyers Representative to work for YOU.

A Buyers Rep, gets paid,
from part of the commission, the owner,
has agreed to pay the Listing agent .
If the property is a "FSBO" (For Sale By owner)
You will pay, a price agreed to,
(usually a % of what you pay for the property)