If you like looking at houses/land
because you like looking.
You Don't Need It

If you like spending days being driven around,
'looking', and won't know what you want,
until you see it.
You Don't Need It

If you don't have the money to buy something.
You Don't Need It

If you have to sell something to buy something else.
You Don't Need It

If you are looking at houses for decorator or landscape ideas.
You Don't Need It

You DO Need it,
  • If you know what you want
  • You have the money or are pre qualified
  • You are able to buy, 'right now'
  • You don't have the time
  • You don't know what things to look for

The process is:
I will sit down with you,
outline what you need to do to get qualified,
go over you finances to know what price range you can afford,
(All Information is
Strictly Confidential)
Outline, Exactly what your needs are,
and what/where you are looking for.
And most likely many other things.

Then, I go to work,
For You !