This book, is about Live Auctions.
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If you have never been to one, and want to go,
you Need to read this!

This Book will give you a 'fast start',
into the fascinating world of Live Auctions.

In the first century, AD, the Entire Roman Empire was Auctioned off.

George Washington was a avid Auction goer.

If you are new to Auctions, do NOT worry about,
‘scratching your ear’, being a bid.

At one time or another, Everything you can think has been sold at a Auction. Absolutely Everything.

Everything you use, or consume, the price has been set by a Auction.

Auctions are Recession and Depression proof.
Their always have been Auctions, their always will be.

If you bought this book, because you are a, ‘seller’,
It is a worthwhile investment.
Learn what the potential buyer of your items knows.