SUNDAY June 21
between 1:30 & 3:30 PM

Be their EARLY,
to make sure you get a seat in class.
Class size is limited.

Spring 2015 Class

Class Dates:
Sunday 6/21/15 Registration 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
( NO Pre, or phone registration)
Mon 6/22/15, 6-9 PM
Tues 6/23/15, 6-9 PM
Fri 6/26/15, 6-9 PM
Sat, Field Day, 8:00 AM
Rain or shine, “Field Day’ is NOT a ‘dress up day’.
Dress, as you would for, hunting, and appropriate for the weather.
Notice: This 'Field Day', is a 'Field Day', for ONLY those taking, this, class. If you wish to take a, 'on line' course, you MUST go to a, Specific, Field Day, for the on line course.

  • In this Class, No Student can miss ANY Classes
  • ALL Classes START Promptly at 6:00 PM
  • You do not, Arrive at 6, you get their BEFORE 6
  • (Read below, why)
  • Class starts PROMPTLY at 6 PM
Class & Registration, at the Rod & Gun Club
Located: 1/2 mile South of Watertown on St Hwy 25
(Just past the Industrial Park)

Then West on County Rd. 122, 1 mile
Gun Club on North side of Co. Rd. 122.
(13840 Co Rd 122)

Class size is limited.
Must turn 12 years of age, By Dec. 31, 2015
in order to be eligible to take this class.

Class Size Limited
COST: $15.00 per student
(7.50 to Class at time of sign up, 7.50 to the DNR at time of class completion)
A Parent or Guardian Must Sign
for students under the age of 18 years old,
at time of registration.

  • In this Class, No Student can miss ANY Classes
  • ALL Classes START Promptly at 6:00 PM
If student is late, the time late will be deducted from total hours at class.

Student Must complete Required Hours to pass.
If a Student does not have required hours,
they will be asked to come back next class.

Baring a catastrophic event,
their will be NO 'make up' classes.

No Firearms or Ammunition to be brought to class.
(All Cell phones or Pagers must be turned OFF)
Parents or Guardians are welcome to sit in on class,
or Students can be picked up at end of class.

There will be absolutely NO, errant behavior tolerated at any time.

Any student who shows any disrespect for instructors, students,  firearms, or grounds, will be summarily dismissed from class.
For Further Information: Contact: Patrick at 612-709-1243 or:
 Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety


BEFORE, each class, (Except the first class) You will be given a blank piece of paper, and must write, By Memory, The first three. Next class the first 6, next class, the first 9, next class, all 10. This MUST be done, BEFORE Class starts. If it takes you 5 minutes, then be their 5 minutes early. If it takes 30 minutes, you must be their 30 minutes early. Instructors will be their! Remember, 'class', starts at 6:00. You must have this part of the work done, before class starts.
1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun.

2. Watch that Muzzle.  Be able to control the direction    of the muzzle even if you should stumble or fall.

3. Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger.    Know identifying features of the game you hunt.    Know what is behind, what you are shooting at.

4. Be sure the barrel and action are clear of Obstruction,    and that you only have ammunition of proper size    for the gun you are carrying.

5. Un-Load guns when Not in use.    Take down, or have actions open.    Guns should always be carried in cases to the shooting areas.

6. Never point A Gun At Anything You Do Not Want To Shoot.    Avoid all horseplay with any firearm, pellet gun, or BB gun.
7. Never climb a fence, or a tree, or jump a ditch, with a loaded gun.    Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle.

8. Never shoot a bullet at a flat hard surface or water.     Make sure your backstop is adequate for your firearm.

9. Store guns and ammunition separately.    Beyond the reach of children and careless adults.

10. Do Not Drink or take Drugs before and during shooting.
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